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Preventative Maintenance


Fitness Techs understands the investment you put into your fitness equipment.  That's why we want to ensure your equipment continues to perform for you for many years to come.
Routine maintenance can greatly reduce the amount of downtime associated with major repairs on neglected equipment.
Fitness Techs offers repair and preventive maintenance on residential and commercial equipment. 
Preventive maintenance and tune ups consist of:
*Clean and inspect deck & belt, lubricate when applicable
*Test speed and elevation assemblies
*Clean motor compartment
*Inspect drive belt & pulleys, all wire harnesses & connections and drive motor commutator
*Clean and inspect auto waxer assembly
*Inspect motor brushes and take amp draws
*Track and tension walking belt and drive belt
*Inspect motor and roller bearings
*Test programs and functions under load
Ellipticals & Steppers:
*Clean & lube drive and step chains, clutch, sprocket and drive shafts; inspect drive belts and alternator belts
*Clean & inspect return springs & pulleys, all bearings, bushings, shafts & sleeves, pedal assemblies and shaft.
*Inspect and test alternator.
*Inspect all wire harnesses & connectors for visible damage and continuity.
*Inspect transmission & bearing assemblies, flywheel and tension belt and hydraulic pumps
*Test rpm sensor, test resistance mechanism, test power supply for proper voltage.
*Calibrate resistance when necessary
*Inspect frame & welds for cracks
*Test all programs and functions under load.
*Inspect belts/chains, lubricate as required
*Clean & inspect flywheel, flywheel gear, tension belt, crank assembly and bearings.
*Inspect all wire harnesses & connections for visible damage and continuity
*Inspect and test rpm sensor and resistance mechanism
*Test internal battery voltage
*Inspect frame and welds for cracks.
*Tighten any loose bolts
*Test seat assy on recumbent bikes
*Test programs and functions under load
Weight Machines:
*Clean and lube guide rods
*Inspect carriage alignments, cables and pulleys for damage or wear
*Inspect all range of motion features
*Inspect frame for broken welds or cracks.
*Tighten all loose bolts
*Test each station under load